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  • 23 hours ago
  • Internet
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Installation Services
  • 5

A contractor was recently at my house for hours. He installed the wrong box. Two weeks and I'm still waiting. The local office told me my appointment had been rescheduled. I haven't spoke to anyone. I requested someone to come out that works for Bright House, they still sent the same contracting group once they got my appointment straight. The lady was so rude when she called me to tell me... Read more

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Ever since they came out with echo my system has gotten slowe And drops off line a lot. Ploy to purchase echo? Add comment

  • 2 days ago
  • Television/ Radio
  • Largo, Florida
  • Cable Service
  • 9

My name is Nancy Osick i spoke with a man yesterday on this issue,since yesterday my cable has gone out for 3 1/2 hours,keeps rebooting, this am i had a QA man come out and told me this is a major issue, every one knows there is a problem but it has not been taken care of, he said there is a crack in the feeder line, and it needs to be fixed ,,in the morning its colder and we have no problem then... Read more

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Bright house is horrible and the representative is even worse. They have the word system and customer service. They have also made it to where they are the only cable and internet service available in Bakersfield. This company is the worst Add comment

  • Dec 10
  • Internet
  • Kissimmee, Florida
  • Cable Installation
  • 45

My brother used to live here and had brighthouse he moved out and cancelled our services. We began shopping around as new customers since I personally have never had brighthouse and I shopped at different companies ex: comcast, directtv etc. I called brighthouse today and explained the different offers I received and asked if they could give me a comparable and competitive rate. The lady told me... Read more

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  • Dec 08
  • Internet
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Equipment Return
  • 33

Bright house is horrible. I scheduled 3 appointments with them to pick up their equipment after I canceled my service, all of which they neglected to show up for, then they gave me a hard time to schedule a fourth pick up which would be to my convience since they wasted my time previously. Their only suggestion was that I drop it off to a location that was 19 miles away from my home. Now they... Read more

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I 2 feal like there r full of *** they dont even tell u on the bill how much mbp u get need to call them and don't let them talk u into echo bull more money.!! Add comment

  • Dec 06
  • Internet
  • Mountain View, California
  • Internet Service
  • 25

Worst service I have ever received. Within a period of eught days I have nine techs come in my house and still I have not yet received what I ordered. More that a dozen calls and the only think they could do was to give me an apology. There is no 800 complait number nor a supervisor to speak about the incompetent tech that this company has hired. I just got tired in less than a week of the... Read more

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Worst sevice ever.My iternet is so slow that I cant even play xbox anymore.My internet goes out every 30 minutes.And now at the time of making this review, my internet has been out for an hour for the god knows what time.This *** internrt is anything but lightning fast. Add comment

  • Nov 22
  • Internet
  • Spring Hill, Florida
  • Cable Line
  • 46

The cable line was dislodged and hanging approximately 6 feet above the ground across our street. Called bright house to report and expressed urgency as this could turn into an accident if a car drove across cable. First phone call to customer service was never documented. Second phone call two hours later resulted in a service call three days out! And third call 6 hours later is for the next... Read more

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