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This is a letter to BHN:

I am very disgusted with Bright House. I changed to your 30mbs internet service a while back and when the tech came he left the MTA for the telephone connected and hooked up an SB6141 cable modem for internet service. I see you charge for the use of the modem so I bought my own which I did hook up. Then I was told I still had to pay the monthly fee for the MTA. This all could have been taken care of if you had the right equipment to begin with. Now I spent $90 for a modem that I am still getting charged for. So I go on your chat feature and ask if I could get an Arris TM822G e-MTA activated and asked if this would work with Bright House. The e-care specialist told me and I do have it saved it would work with the info she had. So I ordered one and received it on Monday 1/27/14 and tried to hook it up yesterday. Your T-1 specialist told me it would work so I opened the box and hooked it up only to find out it doesn't work which makes no sense. I got the technical spec from Arris about the TM822G vs the TG862G and it is the same thing the only difference is the 822 doesn't have a Gateway. The only MTA's that you offer are all Gateways which is not right. I have my own router and like to service my own network as I see fit, just like I have done since being a BH customer for the last 10 yrs. I know you are trying to build your wireless hotspots up but don't do it with my house!!! I will be reporting this to the FCC or elsewhere because BH keeps making us get channels or equipment we don't need only to charge us more MONEY. I find this to be a monopoly type situation by forcing us to do this to better your bottom line. BH should still offer MTA's without the need for a gateway attached to it so you control my network also. You are still banging me for the $3.50 + tax just so I can have a telephone, which on my bill says modem that I own. Modems and MTA's are 2 different things. BH is costing me money and being on a fixed income I am not very happy about it. I'm sick of being ripped off by your company. 3 people in BH told me I could hook this up so the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at BH networks. Sad very sad!!!

Chris E

PS: When I can I will find a better service to switch to but it will take some time due to transferring telephone # and email addresses.

Review about: Bright House Networks Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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