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bright-house is not only the worst in service and customer service i have ever experienced, it is the worst EXPERIENCE i have ever had to endure. Bright-house was always a big black could hanging over my head everyday for two *** years. My Internet would cut out every 10 mins for about 5 mins then come back on. This proved very problematic as one could imagine. Technician after technician came out and all of those pompous incompetent *** offs claimed that they had fixed the problem. "Just a bad wire." or "Whoever was out here last really messed this up." or "the signal from the tap is bad." After about a year of it not working i decided to just forget it and live with my crappy Internet.

Until one day when I reached a breaking point when taking an online college course exam. My Internet cut out and i received a zero for the exam. So i made another appointment for between 1 and 2 p.m. The guy does not show up until 9:00 at night and he is too tired and it is too late for him to do anything. They make another appointment for the following day and do not show up at all. i then filed a complaint and was told that a supervisor would call me and show up at my house to fix the problem within 48 hours. 48 hours passed no calls so i called again and was told the same thing. I got in touch with a supervisor and said that the technician supervisor would be out with the next week. No technician. when through this process about 3 times until i FINALLY got the so called "expert" out to my residence. The guy they send, he barley speaks English as I am trying to explain to him my problem. He spends 6 hours at my house climbing under the deck, going up into the attic and climbing telephone poles. Only to have my Internet cut out 10 mins after he leaves my house. there were no other options for Internet in my area at the time so at this point I decided to cancel my cable TV with them.

I was told over the phone that I would pay for Internet and phone and only have to pay 2.95 a month for a cable card for my tivo. They of-course neglected to mention that getting rid of cable breaks up their combo package and my bill, which I was under the impression would go down, jumped from 198 dollars a month to 277. I was supposed to receive credits for not having Internet for so long and for all of the late and missed appointments. The credits were applied to my bill once my bill had increased so there appeared to be no real change in my bill for 2 months. when i finally realized that all my credits had already been applied and now i was stuck with a monthly bill of around 277 i decided to pay it off and cancel everything all together. I paid my bill of 277 and then cancelled immediately the next day. I received a confirmation email saying they owed me 227 dollars. after not receiving anything for a few weeks i called customer service where the lady told me that they were sending me a refund check of 227 plus another check to refund me for not having services for the month of august. due to the fact that they charge service a month in advance this made sense to me and she said and i would receive my check within 3 to 5 weeks.

Today it had been 6 weeks since I had spoken to them decided to call their horrible customer service to check the status of my check. This guy insisted to tell me that there was no money that they owed me and that the bill i paid on July 30 only paid for services up until august 7. he said there was a credit of 98 dollars that was owed to me. The account is under my landlord's name and i pay the bill and deal with bright-house. My 98 dollars(which was supposed to be 2hundredsomething) had been taken off the bill of another account under my landlord's name. all this was done without ever notifying me. So now i have to ask my landlord for 98 dollars and explain why. Sorry for the lengthiness but i felt everyone should know how how terrible bright-house is in ever aspect of a business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bright House Networks Internet Service.

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Worst cable/ internet all the time

Orlando, Florida, United States #1031501

I hated it, every time these *** *** keep saying that " there's a problem with in your area, the problem should be resolved in about 2 to 4 hours " then *** up the bill so *** high,and low the *** service then when they're done then they give you a warning data about the bill, right *** now can't even *** look at some *** tv.


Advertizes speeds up to 60 meg. Only has 10 meg available in the area.

Oh and cuts out for hours leaving you with a limited connection. Phone service constantly cuts out randomly or in the case of today, completely died and has been out for 2 days. TV that's not worth their now stacking 100 a year price point. (Yup, they now stack 100 dollars every year for HD TV.) The only reason we put up with their *** is because they're like the ONLY broadband in the area.

Everything else is DSL or Satellite which with constant storms is total garbage.

If only Google Fiber was an actual possibility here.


Worst cable/ internet network ever! Trust me, your better off with your mobile internet than their broadband connection and *** costumer service


bright house is a joke they are the most expensive company out there and they have the worst customer service i have no other choices either im stuck with them as far as internet goes i pay 140.00 a month and only get tv and internet service and the internet i have to reset daily and there tv service is poor


Bright House is not that bad. Lately nothing is working correctly due to "system" related problems.

Techs can only do so much. TV isn't everything in life.


Here in FL is a total cartel,, they sucks and there's is no way to get something that could be better since they monopolized completely, we not even can watch a movie, because it will stop every 40 seconds...if you ask me my word of wisdom for them is &&&^%())(&^$$^^&&&


Very very true. I'm thinking of talking to a lawyer and taking them to court for false advertisement and misleading and unreliable.

Internet is out half the time. I'm lucky its hasn't lost connection just yet for me to get this review out!


Worst internet service i've ever experienced, and the cables not much better. The internet service will frequently become unavailable at night, or drop to a staggering .5 mbps.

Dial up would run circles around "Road Runner High Speed DSL." The cable service is quite poor to, as some channels will just randomly stop transmitting. It also seems like every 3 months or so some company will threaten to leave Bright House unless the renegotiate. I would NOT recommend Bright House to ANYONE under ANY circumstances.

If you want to have internet access, it would be faster to just use your cell phone. Honestly, it would be faster to just go to the library and look up whatever it is you need to know in a book.



The installer responded with your hub is down, all the channels will be back by the end of the day. They were not, so we checked the cable in another room and all the standard and basic channels were working.

We call again, they offer a discount for the week we were missing the channels and that it would be another 5 days before an installer could come out. He doesn't show (even though we were home, he reported no one answered). Called again and insisted that they send someone the very next day, with an extra cablecard and tuning adapter. He had neither, blamed it on being a weekend and the warehouse was closed. He couldn't fix it either but sets up an appointment for Monday (today).

It took about 2 hours with TECHNICIAN (not an installer) and it finally works. I decide now is finally the time to ask about this whole FREE tuning adapter thing. Tivo CS was no help, said to call the cable provider (I figure they should at least acknowledge that not all cable companies will provide a free unit). I call BH, and talk to 3 different people, and NOTHING. They refuse to give us the Tuning adapter for free, not even the first year. They barely gave a discount on the 2.5 weeks w/o digital cable.

I think it's time for FIOS. Any suggestions?


Because we got a great deal from Best Buy on a HDTV, we decided to get the TivoHD. It has take 5 installers to the house and dozens of phone calls to finally get it working.

It turns out that the Cablecard was registered to Hillsborough county BH (I'm in Pinellas). We were not receiving any DIGITAL channels at all for 2 weeks because the cablecard did not work. We had all the basic and standard cable channels and the basic HD channels.

What we were told the first time we complained was that we need a tuning adapter for the SDV channels and that would fix everything. The second installer put in the tuning adapter and we then had fewer channels.

We then only had the basic cable and HD channels (no tnt, tbs, disney, etc....). The installer responded with your

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