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Update by user Dec 02, 2013

Brighthouse contacted my father to apologize for the situation and stated that the individual should have installed the modem near the ON-Q panel as instructed. The rep stated that they have done this entire community already and it should not have been any different.

So I guess my gripe is valid and not bu**sh**, huh?

Those that are clicking the BS button should really think about it before rating someone's story as BS. Especially if you have not been in a situation like this before.

Original review posted by user Nov 21, 2013

Brighthouse, Orlando FL - was scheduled to activate TV, Internet and Phone service at my parent's new home, which also has a Legrand home automation (HA) and Unity integration system. We told the appt. scheduling agent, that we had a ON-Q access panel in the laundry room and that THIS is where the modem would need to be. Was told that is not a problem. (In the Laundry room there is an ON-Q and network access /panels, etc.) Fast forward to installation day, the "tech" told my dad that he could not put the cable modem in the panel as it was too big, would not fit and that the wireless signal MAY not reach. (wrong - he was scared and did not know what to do with it) This is a problem as the HA system requires wired network access. When I confronted this individual over the phone, he basically said have the home automation guy do it and hooked up the cable modem in my parent's bedroom. I told my dad that I was not about to get into a fight with this guy over the phone and that I will take care of this.

The picture in this post - shows my work. It shows the panel reconfigured with the Cable modem in the panel and hooked up to the HA and feeding network and phone to various rooms.

My complaint is that Brighthouse networks hires and/or contracts a mixed bag of so called "technicians" where MOST of them don't know anything more than hooking up a TV or cable modem. God forbid you had a patch panel or needed to punch down a wire. or needed to feed phone or network drops. I went in there and fixed it all up in about an hour and was also able to use the unity integration panel (switch/router) as my main switch to provide wired network to a few of the home phone/network ports. Why is it that Brighthouse could not figure this out, but yet someone like me who basically understands this stuff (but not in my career field) can do it?

OK - you might think that this was an "isolated" experience. The other week I had them come upgrade to RR Lightning, which required a different cable modem (there was a small service charge for this too) The tech swaps it out and begins to leave. I stopped him and said - don't we need to test out my computers first? - Upon testing my PC and tablets - they did not have internet access. When I asked if he configured the modem with his laptop - he said that he did not bring it. I asked him for the IP address and user id and password of the modem so I could access the console. He did not know this. So I searched Google (over 4g phone) to get the common IPs and user IDs/password which are standard for this equipment and got in. I used my notebook PC to tap into the modem/router console and configured it myself - while he was standing there. WTF? really Brighthouse? - before he left I called their customer service and told them to refund my $60 - which they did. So buyer beware, regardless if you tell them what you want - it does not matter - you will get whoever is available - like it or not.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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