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Brighthouse networks of Central Florida is scamming customers with their timeguard "insurance". I've had timeguard for years since switching from Directv to Brighthouse.

I was told that timeguard would cover all cable replacement from house corner to tv's. Now I'm told "NO", it doesn't really cover anything. Except if you call service for a problem with your equipment, not theirs. Duh, why would I call them about a problem with my TV's?

In a phone call with them they said it only covers their equipment, but I didn't need timeguard for that. But in their timeguard sign-up form it says it covers home visits.

Which is it? They're making 100's of thousands of dollars on this scam and I'm cancelling this now.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Time Guard pretty much covers everything. If we come out and determine you had the tv on the wrong input (yes, it happens), you're covered.

If you were digging through your yard, and accidentally cut your buried cable, your covered.

And, of course all cable related issues. In my years as a CSP, I usually only see service charges from customers who don't have Time Guard AND only then if they've done damage to the equipment or we came out for "customer education".

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